NFL Draft 2024: start time, Live stream, order, pick, TV channel

NFL Draft is the official player selection meeting for the National Football League tournament. It is the most common source for NFL teams to pick new players. The NFL draft is a yearly event, and this year it will mark its 89th meeting.

NFL Draft 2023

The 2024 NFL Draft will be a three-day event taking place on April 25-27. Here’s everything you need to know about NFL Draft 2024.

When is the NFL Draft 2024?

The NFL Draft 2024 will start on Thursday, April 25, and it will finish on Saturday, April 27. As per the news, the first round will start at 8 PM ET on April 25, while round two and three is set to begin on Friday at 7 PM ET. However, the final round (rounds 4-7) will begin on Saturday at 12 PM ET. So, if you want to watch it or get an update from out of the USA, make sure you convert the ET to your local time.

Where is the NFL draft in 2023?

The NFL Draft 2023 will take place in the plaza outside of Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Since the NFL Draft started visiting different locations, Kansas City will be hosting the Draft for the first time. Previously, Nashville hosted it in 2019, Cleveland in 2021, and Las Vegas in 2022.

Apart from hosting the event, the venue also offers NFL’s interactive football theme park, which will offer a fun event for the fans. At this event, fans can test their football skill along with autograph sessions and interactive exhibits. Additionally, fans of all teams can see the Vince Lombardi Trophy and take a photo with it.

What time does the NFL Draft start in 2024?

Although it is a three day event, the start time for each day is different. The opening night will start at 8 PM ET. It will consist of round one. On the other hand, the second day consisting of rounds two and three, will kick off at 7 PM ET. And finally, the third day consisting of rounds 4 to 7, will start at 12 PM ET.

Thursday, April 258 PM ETone
Friday, April 267 PM ETTwo and Three
Saturday, April 2712 PM ET4, 5, 6, 7

What channel is the 2024 NFL Draft on?

The NFL Draft 2024 will be available on ESPN, ABC, NFL Network, and ESPN Deportes. However, if you want to listen to the radio, you can tune ESPN Radio for all the live updates.

How to watch NFL Draft?

You can watch NFL Draft 2024 on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network live on the event day. In addition to that, these channels will also cover analysis of the players and predictions before the Draft. Further, the post-draft discussion will also be available on these channels. This channel will provide English-language coverage only. However, if you want to enjoy the NFL Draft in the Spanish language, you can check the ESPN Deportes.

Each of these TV channels will have its individual broadcast. Nevertheless, ABC and ESPN will combine the broadcast, including the commentary on the third day.

For audio streaming, you can try ESPN Radio and the ESPN app. ESPN+ will also have some amazing content through their analysis special and studio shows. Experts and former NFL players will express their views about the teams and their selections.

If you don’t want to subscribe to these channels individually, you can try third-party TV streaming or cable TV provided. For example, you can try Cox, DirecTV, DirecTV stream, DISH, FuboTV, Hulu+Live TV, Optimum, Philo, Sling TV, Spectrum, Vidgo, Xfinity, and YouTube TV. Among these, Sling TV is the cheapest online streaming option. You can watch the NFL Draft 2023 online on Sling TV for a $40/month package.

How many rounds in NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft has 7 seven rounds. The first Draft took place in 1936 and had nine rounds. Throughout the history of NFL drafts, the number of rounds has changed several times, with the highest number of rounds being 30. Later it was reduced to 20 rounds. After many changes, the 7 round draft was fixed in 1997, and it has remained ever since.

The first round portrays the initial night, while the second day offers rounds three and four, and the last day begins with round four and finishes with round seven.

How many picks are in the NFL Draft?

Overall there are 259 picks in the NFL draft. However, the resulting number of picks depends on the teams and the rounds. In the current format, the 32 teams will have induvial for pick trough out the seven rounds.

To speed the process up, the NFL imposes a rule for the timing. For example, for the first-round pick, teams will have 10 minutes to discuss and make their decision about a pick. For the second-round pick, each team will get 7 minutes. For the third round, rough the sixth round pick teams will have the opportunity to think for 5 minutes. And Finally, teams get 4 minutes for the seventh round.

However, teams may take longer than the allotted time, but in that case, the next team is on the clock. Hence, the following team may get the player. That’s why the NFL teams don’t exceed their clock.

RoundsNumber of Picks
Round 132 picks
Round 232 picks
Round 341 picks
Round 439 picks
Round 540 picks
Round 644 picks
Round 731 picks

Compensatory Picks

Apart from the 32 picks in each round, compensatory picks are allowed for the teams based on the selection and players they lost, and they get the opportunity to have additional picks from free agency.

If a team loses more compensatory free agents than it signs in a given year, it is eligible to receive extra Draft picks in rounds 3 through 7 of the NFL Draft. If a team loses higher-valued players despite gaining and losing an equal number of players, they will be granted a compensatory pick at the end of the 7th round in the NFL Draft.

However, the compensatory pick is not given at any moment of the tournament. Teams get this opportunity just before a new league year kickoff.

If there are any free age losses or gains after starting the new league year, they will be forwarded to the next year’s Draft. After the May 2, 2022, deadline for the 2023 NFL Draft, any player acquisitions or departures will count towards the 2024 NFL Draft instead.

How does NFL Draft work?

Each of the 32 NFL teams gets one pick in each round. The selection order works reversely. That being said, the teams who failed to proceed to playoffs last season get to pick from 1-20 draft slots. So, the team with the worst record in the previous season gets the opportunity to pick first. Hence, they can pick the best player in the beginning. So, according to the order, the previous year’s Super Bowl Champion can pick at the end.

The previous year’s playoff-qualified team can pick from draft slots 21-32. The order of the NFL Draft is established based on the outcome of the postseason games from the preceding year.

What is the NFL Draft order?

Typically, the NFL draft order determines the order in which NFL teams make their selection in the annual Draft. It is based on the previous seasons’ teams’ performance. The best team gets to pick at the very end, while the worst-performing team gets to pick at the first of the Draft.

The draft order mainly tries to make a balance among the teams, as the weaker team gets the opportunity to pick the best player. On the other hand, the stronger team can bolster its roster with later picks. However, teams can also trade players, and this may alter the draft order.

NFL Draft Order 2023: all seven rounds

Below is a comprehensive list of all 259 picks, from No. 1 to No. 259, in the 2023 NFL Draft, round by round.

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 1

1) Carolina Panthers (from Chicago)
2) Houston Texans
3) Arizona Cardinals
4) Indianapolis Colts
5) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)
6) Detroit Lions (from L.A. Rams)
7) Las Vegas Raiders
8) Atlanta Falcons
9) Chicago Bears (from Carolina)
10) Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)
11) Tennessee Titans
12) Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
13) New York Jets
14) New England Patriots
15) Green Bay Packers
16) Washington Commanders
17) Pittsburgh Steelers
18) Detroit Lions
19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20) Seattle Seahawks
21) Los Angeles Chargers
22) Baltimore Ravens
23) Minnesota Vikings
24) Jacksonville Jaguars
25) New York Giants
26) Dallas Cowboys
27) Buffalo Bills
28) Cincinnati Bengals
29) New Orleans Saints (from San Francisco through Miami and Denver)
30) Philadelphia Eagles
31) Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 2

32) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Chicago)
33) Houston Texans
34) Arizona Cardinals
35) Indianapolis Colts
36) Los Angeles Rams
37) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)
38) Las Vegas Raiders
39) Carolina Panthers
40) New Orleans Saints
41) Tennessee Titans
42) New York Jets (from Cleveland)
43) New York Jets
44) Atlanta Falcons
45) Green Bay Packers
46) New England Patriots
47) Washington Commanders
48) Detroit Lions
49) Pittsburgh Steelers
50) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
51) Miami Dolphins
52) Seattle Seahawks
53) Chicago Bears (from Baltimore)
54) Los Angeles Chargers
55) Detroit Lions (from Minnesota)
56) Jacksonville Jaguars
57) New York Giants
58) Dallas Cowboys
59) Buffalo Bills
60) Cincinnati Bengals
61) Chicago Bears (from San Francisco through Carolina)
62) Philadelphia Eagles
63) Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 3

64) Chicago Bears
65) Houston Texans
66) Arizona Cardinals
67) Denver Broncos (from Indianapolis)
68) Denver Broncos
69) Los Angeles Rams
70) Las Vegas Raiders
71) New Orleans Saints
72) Tennessee Titans
73) Houston Texans (from Cleveland)
74) Cleveland Browns (from N.Y. Jets)
75) Atlanta Falcons
76) New England Patriots (from Carolina)
77) Los Angeles Rams (from New England through Miami)
78) Green Bay Packers
79) Indianapolis Colts (from Washington)
80) Pittsburgh Steelers
81) Detroit Lions
82) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
83) Seattle Seahawks
84) Miami Dolphins
85) Los Angeles Chargers
86) Baltimore Ravens
87) Minnesota Vikings
88) Jacksonville Jaguars
89) New York Giants
90) Dallas Cowboys
91) Buffalo Bills
92) Cincinnati Bengals
93) Carolina Panthers (from San Francisco)
94) Philadelphia Eagles
95) Kansas City Chiefs
96) Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)
97) Washington Commanders (Compensatory Selection)
98) Cleveland Browns (Special Compensatory Selection)
99) San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)
100) Las Vegas Raiders from Kansas City Chiefs through New York Giants (Special Compensatory Selection)
101) San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)
102) San Francisco 49ers (Special Compensatory Selection)

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 4

103) Chicago Bears
104) Houston Texans
105) Arizona Cardinals
106) Indianapolis Colts
107) New England Patriots (from L.A. Rams)
108) Denver Broncos
109) Las Vegas Raiders
110) Atlanta Falcons (from Tennessee)
111) Cleveland Browns
112) New York Jets
113) Atlanta Falcons
114) Carolina Panthers
115) New Orleans Saints
116) Green Bay Packers
117) New England Patriots
118) Washington Commanders
119) Minnesota Vikings (from Detroit)
120) Pittsburgh Steelers
121) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Tampa Bay)
122) Kansas City Chiefs (from Miami)
123) Seattle Seahawks
124) Baltimore Ravens
125) Los Angeles Chargers
126) Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota)
127) Jacksonville Jaguars
128) New York Giants
129) Dallas Cowboys
130) Buffalo Bills
131) Cincinnati Bengals
132) Carolina Panthers (from San Francisco)
133) Chicago Bears (from Philadelphia)
134) Kansas City Chiefs
135) New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 5

136) Chicago Bears
137) Buffalo Bills (from Arizona)
138) Indianapolis Colts
139) Denver Broncos
140) Cleveland Browns (from L.A. Rams)
141) Las Vegas Raiders
142) Cleveland Browns
143) New York Jets
144) Las Vegas Raiders (from Atlanta)
145) Carolina Panthers
146) New Orleans Saints
147) Tennessee Titans
148) Chicago Bears (from New England through Baltimore)
149) Green Bay Packers
150) Washington Commanders
151) Seattle Seahawks (from Pittsburgh)
152) Detroit Lions
153) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
154) Seattle Seahawks
155) San Francisco 49ers (from Miami)
156) Los Angeles Chargers
157) Baltimore Ravens
158) Minnesota Vikings
159) Atlanta Falcons (from Jacksonville)
160) New York Giants
161) Houston Texans (from Dallas)
162) Indianapolis Colts (from Buffalo)
163) Cincinnati Bengals
164) San Francisco 49ers
165) New Orleans Saints (from Philadelphia)
166) Kansas City Chiefs
167) Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
168) Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)
169) Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
170) Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
171) Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
172) New York Giants (Compensatory Selection)
173) San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
174) Las Vegas Raiders (Compensatory Selection)
175) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory Selection)
176) Indianapolis Colts from Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
177) Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 6

178) Kansas City Chiefs (from Chicago through Miami)
179) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Houston)
180) Arizona Cardinals
181) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis)
182) Los Angeles Rams
183) Detroit Lions (from Denver)
184) New England Patriots (from Las Vegas)
185) Jacksonville Jaguars (from N.Y. Jets)
186) Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta)
187) New England Patriots (from Carolina)
188) Houston Texans (from New Orleans)
189) Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee)
190) Cleveland Browns
191) Los Angeles Rams (from Green Bay)
192) New England Patriots
193) Washington Commanders
194) Detroit Lions
195) Denver Broncos (from Pittsburgh)
196) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
197) Miami Dolphins
198) Seattle Seahawks
199) Baltimore Ravens
200) Los Angeles Chargers
201) Houston Texans (from Minnesota)
202) Jacksonville Jaguars
203) Houston Texans (from N.Y. Giants)
204) Las Vegas Raiders (from Dallas)
205) Buffalo Bills
206) Cincinnati Bengals
207) New York Jets (from San Francisco through Houston)
208) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Philadelphia)
209) New York Giants (from Kansas City)
210) New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)
211) Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory Selection)
212) Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
213) Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)
214) Las Vegas Raiders (Compensatory Selection)
215) Washington Commanders (Compensatory Selection)
216) San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
217) Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)

NFL Draft Order 2023 Round 7

218) Chicago Bears
219) Philadelphia Eagles (from Houston through Minnesota)
220) Las Vegas Raiders (from Arizona)
221) Indianapolis Colts
222) San Francisco 49ers (from Denver)
223) Los Angeles Rams
224) Atlanta Falcons (from Las Vegas)
225) Atlanta Falcons
226) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Carolina)
227) New Orleans Saints
228) Tennessee Titans
229) Cleveland Browns
230) Houston Texans (from N.Y. Jets through Tampa Bay)
231) Las Vegas Raiders (from New England)
232) Green Bay Packers
233) Washington Commanders
234) Pittsburgh Steelers
235) Green Bay Packers (from Detroit through L.A. Rams)
236) Indianapolis Colts (from Tampa Bay)
237) Seattle Seahawks
238) Miami Dolphins
239) Los Angeles Chargers
240) New York Giants (from Baltimore)
241) Pittsburgh Steelers (from Minnesota through Denver)
242) Green Bay Packers (from Jacksonville)
243) New York Giants
244) Dallas Cowboys
245) New England Patriots (from Buffalo through Atlanta)
246) Cincinnati Bengals
247) San Francisco 49ers
248) Philadelphia Eagles
249) Kansas City Chiefs
250) Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory Selection)
251) Los Angeles Rams (Compensatory Selection)
252) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Compensatory Selection)
253) San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
254) New York Giants (Compensatory Selection)
255) San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
256) Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
257) New Orleans Saints (Compensatory Selection)
258) Chicago Bears (Compensatory Selection)
259) Houston Texans (Compensatory Selection)

How to determine the NFL Draft order?

The draft order for non-playoff teams is easy as they get a 1-20 pick, with the worst performers going first. But there are few rules to determine the draft order for playoff teams.

After the end of the wild card round, the four teams that were eliminated are awarded Draft picks in slots 21-24, with the order of selection being based on the reverse order of their final regular season records.

  • Slot 25-28 is reserved for the four teams that were eliminated in the divisional round.
  • The 29th and 30th slot is reserved for the two conference championships losing team.
  • The Super Bowl runner-up can choose in the 31st pick of the NFL Draft.
  • And finally, the Super Bowl will get the last pick.

However, there are some cases where teams have an identical record in the previous season. In that case, the order is created based on the strength of the schedule. The NFL team with the weakest strength of schedule, as determined by the lowest winning percentage, will be granted a higher draft pick.

Nevertheless, if there is the same schedule strength, NFL authority will apply division or conference tiebreakers. There might be some exceptional cases where teams did really well, and tiebreakers are not possible. In such cases, the following tie-breaking rule is applied.

  • Compare head-to-head records, if any.
  • Consider the common games and apply the best won-lost-tied record. (minimum four games are taken into consideration).
  • How was their strength of victory throughout the previous tournament?
  • Highest net points in all games.
  • Best net touchdowns in all games.
  • The combined ranking of all NFL teams based on their total points scored and points allowed in all games determines the team with the best overall ranking.
  • Coin toss.

Does NFL fantasy give draft grades in 2023?

Like every year, NFL Fantasy will provide the draft grade 2023 after ending the draft event. Each player gets two grades, with the first being redraft-only value and the second grade being the player’s dynasty grade/potential. The draft grades eventually evaluate a team’s player selection after the Draft.

How to check draft grades on NFL fantasy?

You can use numerous online tools and resources to check the NFL fantasy draft grades. For example, some of the popular NFL fantasy websites, including CBS Sports Fantasy, FanDuel Fantasy Sports, DraftKings Fantasy Sports, ESPN Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Sleeper: Fantasy Leagues, and NFL Fantasy Football, have their own draft grading tool. These allow you to put your picked roster and get a grade at the end of the draft event based on different factors. These fantasy football sites give a grade based on the player’s depth, value, and balance.

You will need to log in to the fantasy football account to access these draft grading tools. After logging in, check the draft analysis section to get your draft grade. However, some websites may require a premium subscription.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that draft grades are primarily a subjective evaluation, and you can see this as an evaluation of your selected team.

Who are the top prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft?

Roughly 300 players will be available for the 2023 NFL draft. But all of them will not be selected, while some will have huge demand as most teams will want to pick them. Some of the top prospects for the NFL 2023 Draft are Alabama EDGE Will Anderson Jr., Georgia DL Jalen Carter, Texas RB Bijan Robinson, Alabama QB Bryce Young, Illinois CB Devon Witherspoon, Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud, Texas Tech EDGE Tyree Wilson, Oregon CB Christian Gonzalez, Florida QB Anthony Richardson and OL O’Cyrus Torrence, Florida.

How many players are drafted in the NFL each year?

While around 300 players get an invitation to the NFL draft each year, 250 to 265 players are drafted each year. However, this number can vary depending on whether any compensatory picks are awarded, which can add additional selections to the total number of players drafted.

How much are NFL Draft tickets in 2023?

NFL Drafts 2023, presented by Bud Light, is completely free for the fans. Fans will have access to multiple attractions, such as the Free NFL Draft Experience, Draft Red Carpet, and Draft Theater, all located within the same area. However, registration is required to attend the NFL Draft.

Frequently Asked Questions of NFL Draft

When is the 2024 NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft 2024 is scheduled to take place from April 25–27.

Who is hosting the NFL Draft 2023?

Kansas City, Missouri, will host the NFL Draft 2023, which will take place in the downtown region, which encompasses the renowned Union Station Kansas City and the National WWI Museum and Memorial.

Where can I watch the NFL Draft?

You can watch NFL Draft on various TV networks such as ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network. In addition to that, you can also watch on other third-party TV streaming sites.

How long is the NFL Draft?

NFL Draft is a three-day-long event that takes place every spring. Usually, its starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday. And the NFL Draft 2023 will be the same.

Final Words

With the top players ready to join the new team 2024 NFL Draft will be an exciting event for football fans. Whether you want to attend the program or watch it on TV, make sure you plan it ahead. And don’t forget the date, and it’s on April 25–27.